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Today, I’d like to share one of the latest methods on how you can get more free traffic from YouTube, the world’s largest video site.

This is the story of Gerald, who struggled to make money online just a few months ago. When he finally cracked the code, he developed 5 proven business models to dominate YouTube and make some real money online.

Here’s the story in Gerald’s own words:


” I’m writing this to inspire you and I hope that one day, you’ll achieve your dreams too and live the
internet lifestyle that I’m living right now.

Most importantly, I want you to understand that “making money online” is a journey, and there’s no “overnight success”.

My journey started in late 2011 and at that time, I don’t know much about internet marketing (IM). Seriously, I was a newbie and I didn’t even know how to create a squeeze page.

I slept at 2 – 3 am in the morning every day because I was learning and implementing everything that I discovered.

I’ve wasted thousands of dollars purchasing all kinds of IM products and courses that are “rotting” in my hard drive now (Yes, be careful of information overload in your IM journey).

After months and months of failures, trying to promote products as an affiliate… 

Finally, I made my first Clickbank sale. It was a small commission of $4.95 for promoting a free app. 

That feeling…. was PRICELESS!

The toughest part about making money online is earning your FIRST DOLLAR.

Once you’ve “cracked this code”…. everything else will fall into place.

My first niche was the photography niche. I developed a Clickbank product, created the sales page, squeeze page, affiliate program etc. I thought I was going to be rich when it launched.

Guess what?

I barely covered my cost.

I was disappointed but this did not stop me. This was a great experience for me and I went on to create many more internet marketing products in Warrior Forum and JVZoo.

The turning point in my career appeared when I finally “discovered” YouTube Marketing. I realized that it’s easy to rank YouTube videos on page 1 of both Google and YouTube. By achieving this, I managed to get tons of traffic… build a list and at the same time make more money online!

I don’t have to waste my time, effort and money to build websites and trying to get them rank on page 1 of Google. It’ll probably take me a few months to do so.

With YouTube videos, I can achieve the same results within minutes, hours, days or weeks (depending on the keywords and competitiveness).

After cracking this code, I came out with 3 secret case studies.

Invested $69.37 and earned $1,745.75 in 3 campaigns. It took me less than 1 hour per day to work on these campaigns.

Best part is, I tested these out without a list, no joint venture partners, no websites, no bonuses… nothing. Just some “little-known” methods which you’ll find out in the YouTube Cash Blueprints system.

As you’re reading this now… Yes, I’m working from the comfort of my home. I’m blessed to be able to spend more time with my family and loved ones and money is no longer a concern to me anymore.

Above all that, the most fulfilling thing that I’m grateful for in my life is being able to help my students achieve success as well. My goal for the next 12 months is to help another 100 individuals to “crack the code” and make tons of money online.

I hope you’ll be one of them 😉

Yes, I’m not some Internet Marketing Guru… but I believe I know a thing or two about making money online. I hope that my PROVEN SYSTEM will help you as it helped me.

—End of Gerald’s Story—-

So that’s how Gerald made money and achieved freedom through his YouTube Cash Blueprints system.


If you’d like to experience the same success as Gerald’s, check out Gerald’s system for yourself here:




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